Jeep or SUV Tours

Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon West Rim Eagle Point

Grand Canyon West Rim Jeep or SUV Tour

Prepare yourself for the awe-inspiring beauty of the Grand Canyon as a Jeep or SUV Tour escorts you on this incredible expedition. The Canyon's panoramic vastness awaits you.→ read more

Hoover Dam

Arriving at the Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Jeep or SUV Tour

Travel to the Hoover Dam in style and comfort aboard our custom Jeeps and Suburbans. Your talented guide will share points of interest and answer questions along the way. You'll truly appreciate the extra care and comfort you receive from our jeep tours. → read more

Red Rock Canyon

Visitor's Center View

Red Rock Canyon Jeep or SUV Tour

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, only minutes from the Strip, has scenery so dramatic its often selected as the backdrop for movies and commercials. Along the 13-mile scenic drive you'll view the impressive Wilson Cliffs and numerous geological features including the fossilized sand dunes of the brilliantly colored Calico Hills.→ read more

Valley of Fire

Visitor's Center View

Valley of Fire Jeep or SUV Tour

Come with us to explore one of Nevada's most visually stunning sites! The surroundings are loaded with vibrant color, fantastic rock formations, and world-class petroglyphs. You'll see nature's work-of-art at Rainbow Vista, Atlatl Rock, and Fire Canyon with petrified sand dunes sculpted into amazing shapes and contours only wind, water, and time could create.→ read more

Eldorado Mine

Inside the Eldorado Canyon Mine

Eldorado Canyon Mine Jeep or SUV Tour

The colorful history of the Old West comes to life in Eldorado Canyon, home to the famed Techatticup mine. On the short journey through this rustic site, you'll enjoy spectacular scenery: fields of teddy bear cholla, rare geologic formations, and an excellent photo opportunity down near the banks of Lake Mojave, the blue jewel of this isolated desert terrain.→ read more