Las Vegas Heavy Equipment Playground

How It Works

  1. Classroom Safety/Equipment Orientation
    Following introductions your instructor will review with you equipment safety and controls and will give a visual of the activities ahead. You will then be issued a Dig This hard hat and a very bright vest.
  2. In-cab Orientation
    Once you are comfortable and buckled in your seat, your instructor will go over all the controls in your cab.
  3. Warm-up
    Your instructor will give you directions via a 2-way headset and talk you through a warm up activity to orient you with all functions of the equipment.
  4. The Big Dig
    Once you have completed the warm-up activity, your instructor will begin the Big Dig. The first activity is a major dirt excavation exercise followed by two other above ground activities that will test your eye-hand coordination and agility.
  5. Award Ceremony
    Your excellence out in the field will be rewarded with an official “Dig This” Certificate of Accomplishment – something that can be proudly displayed next to your college degree or on your wall of fame!
  6. Retail Therapy
    There will be time to purchase Dig This memorabilia and cool items from our Cat Gear Store.

Three Experiences to Choose

This fun filled activity provides an experience that will exceed your expectations and leave you with a lifetime memory. There are three main experiences designed to suit your time and budget. There is no pressure to complete any activity, and we encourage each participant to work in their own comfort zone even though we try to get you out of it! Receive a free photo with this COUPON.


Choose between a excavator for a 1.5 hour experience with four fun filled activities that will test your skills and you will never forget. $249 per person


Choose between a bulldozer for a 1.5 hour experience with four fun filled activities that will test your skills and you will never forget. $249 per person


You will have an experience on both a dozer and excavator with two extra hours to move some serious amounts of dirt while engaging in some fun and challenging activities. This experience will leave you with a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction once you see the mark you left on the work site! $449 per person

Tour Brief

Equipment Use
Safety Gear


Tour Times: Varies

Tour Length: Varies


Big Dig $249.00 per person
Mega Dig $449.00 per person

Groups please call or email for more information and pricing

To talk to a live person call 702-655-6060 or 800-222-6966.
Email: [email protected]