Grand Canyon Tours

Few things in the world are more beautiful or humbling than to see the vast natural beauty and historical significance of the Grand Canyon. Hike, take photos, and learn interesting facts from the knowledgeable tour guides at Grand Canyon Tour Company. We not only have options for where you visit the National Park, but we also provide several methods of transportation, giving you the freedom to customize your Grand Canyon Tours for a truly unique experience.

Grand Canyon South Rim

For travelers seeking a more independent or free experience while in the Grand Canyon National Park, please check with your driver for details about the rim walk. On our return trip to Las Vegas, we will make a rest, stretch, snack and smoke stop in Kingman before arriving in Las Vegas approximately 9:30 PM. No one else comes close to returning this early.

No one gives you more time at the canyon, but time is still limited. Our driver will assist you in making the most of your time visiting the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon West Rim

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon has become a must-see spot for visitors since the completion of the cantilevered transparent glass-bottom bridge over the canyon. Over 700,000 visitors make Grand Canyon Skywalk one of their stops each year. The Grand Canyon West Rim is operated by the Hualapai Native American Tribe and is not a part of the national park. Though it is open every day of the year, the hours change with the seasons.

Grand Canyon Tour Options

Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas can be customized for any need, occasion, or budget. Whether you have a small group and want to join a larger group on a bus or have your own private van, there is an option to fit. For a more adventurous tour, you can pick from a helicopter, airplane, or train trip. Don’t forget to complete your journey with a white water rafting trip down the river. Here are the options you can choose:

Imagine a romantic trip over the Grand Canyon, starting with a stretch limousine ride to a pre-flight lounge to wait for your helicopter. Perhaps you’d rather enjoy the views of extinct volcanoes, Rainbow Gardens, the Colorado River, the canyon, and more from an airplane. Our pilots and narration accommodate many languages so that everyone has an opportunity to learn about this fantastic wonder. For a fun and leisurely tour, take a trip into the past with a 1950’s streamliner-era train ride.