Area 51

This tour has been discontinued due to Covid-19 until further notice.

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Buckle Up!

“The truth is out there,” this is a very real tour that starts at a remote and spooky dry lake where many documented UFO sightings have occurred. We then travel to the famous Little A’Le Inn for lunch, the Area 51 Research Center, the Black Mail Box and then it’s on to the actual perimeter of Area 51 where the signs read, “Use of Deadly Force Authorized.” Armed guards (the men in black) sit in their jeep on the hill top behind darkened windows. There are cameras, motion sensors and listening devices scattered throughout the cactus all along the perimeter. This is an extreme tour to the world’s most top secret military facility. The extent of the research conducted here remains a mystery, but we do know this is the real home of the X-Files

Tour Brief

Courtesy premium hotel pick-up and drop off. If you are not picked up within five minutes of your pick-up time, do not wait. Please CALL US IMMEDIATELY

Tour surroundings of Area 51.

Minimum of 4 people to operate the tour.

Tour departs from Las Vegas.


Tour Times: 7:00 AM

Tour Length: Approximately 10 hours


195.00 our price per person (Children must be 5 years old to travel.)